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Repairing and cleaning the roots of a severely decayed or fractured tooth

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Root Canals in Twickenham

If you’re looking for highly effective root canal treatment near you in Twickenham from a top rated and experienced dentist, then our modern clinic can help.

Our root canal team includes Dr Madin Khan BDS (London) MFGDP (UK) GDC No: 66736, who has over 30 years extensive dentistry experience. He has successfully treated many patients with root canal therapy and helped them to save their teeth from extraction.

Root canal therapy is a dental treatment that involves removing bacteria inside an infected tooth and cleaning out its roots. Every tooth contains nerve and blood vessels inside the pulp which travel all the way down to the root.

If a tooth becomes severely decayed or encounters a fracture, it then becomes susceptible to bacterial infection. When the tooth is inflamed, it can cause a tremendous amount of pain through the nerves.

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The Root Canal Procedure

All patients will be given a local anaesthetic before treatment begins. This will numb the area around the affected tooth so our Endodontist can start the careful process of removing the bacteria inside the infected tooth.

With meticulous precision, the root canals will be thoroughly cleaned out and then disinfected before a final seal is applied to the tooth. This will help to prevent any bacteria from re-entering.

With restorative dental treatments such as root canal therapy, the tooth will unfortunately be weakened and may be prone to fracturing more easily. Depending on the overall condition of the tooth, our Endodontist may recommend a new dental crown which will provide greater strength and protection.

treatment Duration

The purpose of root canal treatment is to eliminate and prevent disease reoccurring. This requires a highly skilled Endodontist to thoroughly clean out the bacteria trapped inside the tooth canals.

Each case we see is different and some can be very complex. Most root canal treatments can take between one and two hours and patients often have to return for a second visit to have a new crown fitted.

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Why Choose Root Canal Treatment?

It is best to keep as many natural teeth as possible so if a tooth can be saved from extraction, we would advise restorative intervention. Root canal therapy has a very high success rate and once a tooth has been treated, it can last for many more years functioning as it would normally do.

If you leave an infected tooth in the mouth, the pulp will eventually be destroyed and there will be no other option but to have the tooth extracted.

So if you are experiencing any swelling around a tooth, or you are in severe pain please contact Montrose Smile Studio as soon as possible and book a consultation.

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“O what joy to be able to chew properly on both sides of my mouth thanks to Dr Madin Khan and the team at Montrose Smile Studio. I have been a patient at the surgery for some years now and regularly receive good dental care and advice. Along comes COVID19 with all the disruptions and lockdown. 

What a time to break a tooth though luckily restrictions were just being lifted. I received what can only be described as an excellent service. A root canal capped initially with a temporary crown got me on my way. 

Last week I received my permanent crown from a professional, attentive, informative, caring and very friendly team. Give them a call and you’ll soon be smiling.”

Peter Akran

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