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Teeth Whitening in Twickenham

If you’re looking for professional teeth whitening near you in Twickenham that offers quick, stunning and long lasting results, our expert cosmetic dentists can help.

Our stunning teeth whitening is the most popular cosmetic dental treatment at our modern and 5 star rated Twickenham clinic, and with good reason. Teeth whitening helps restore the youthfulness of your smile and is a great confidence booster. 

Our professional teeth whitening techniques make it possible for you to have a dazzling white smile in a simple, affordable and safe manner.

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With over 22 years extensive dentistry experience, Dr Erum Khan, BDS, LDS RCS (Edin) GDC No: 80095, has transformed many people lives with teeth whitening and has also helped to transform their smiles with a variety of other cosmetic dental procedures.

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Whitening treatment options

Love your smile with the world’s most innovative and comprehensive whitening treatment carried out by GDC registered consultants who believe in happy dentistry.

View our special offers and choose one of our exclusive teeth whitening packages:


Home White ‘n’ Shine. Ideal for people on a budget

£399 per person


Ideal for couples and one of our most popular treatments achieving a longer lasting brighter smile.
We have been successfully providing it for over 15 years.

£675 per person


Ideal for that up and coming special occasion or whether you’d simply want to treat yourself, the Eclipse is a perfect way to spoil yourself and brighten your smile. If you have heavily stained teeth or would like to within your teeth after braces, the Eclipse is a great whitening experience.

£899 per person

Benefits of Tooth Whitening

Teeth whitening helps to:

ZOOM professional Whitening

The professional Zoom Teeth Whitening we use in our Twickenham clinic is one of the best and the most popular systems available, also at a great price. It uses a gentle bleaching process to lighten dis-colourations in your tooth enamel and is also accelerated by a powerful surgical light.

The light in Zoom Whitening ensures the whitening reaction with your teeth accelerates the process compared with conventional tooth whitening procedures. This results in lighter and whiter teeth in much quicker time, or typically within just one hour.

Zoom Whitening is the product used on Extreme Makeover in the United States and has been used on millions of happy patients worldwide.

Zoom Whitening before and after

Before whitening


after zoom teeth whitening near me


Professional Home Teeth Whitening

This option involves creating some soft ‘trays’ which fit snugly around your teeth, providing you with your own personalised and very best teeth whitening kit. By applying the whitening gel into the trays and wearing them for 2 hours each day, the whitening gel slowly reacts with your teeth to gently lightening it over a course of several days.

This enables you to control how white you would like your teeth to appear. We always recommend coming back to the practice after a few days of wearing your home tooth whitening trays to ensure your whitening is progressing well and that there is no uncomfortable sensitivity. 

During this appointment we will also check how white your teeth have gone compared to when you started… most of our patients are amazed at the whiteness of their new smile.

Teeth Whitening before and after

Before home whitening


After professional teeth whitening near me in Twickenham


Teeth Whitening For Life

We offer an exciting and exclusive service that is unique to Montrose Smile Studio a WHITENING FOR LIFE programme. For further details please contact us.


after laser teeth whitening near me


Teeth Whitening Results

A survey has revealed that 40% of UK adults don’t smile because they are ashamed of the state of their teeth. Two thousand people took part in the survey, which was conducted by Wrigley’s as part of National Smile Month.

The findings also showed that 24% of people will not smile if the people around them are not and that 20% refrain from smiling because they want to be taken seriously.

National Smile Month is a campaign being run by the British Dental Health Foundation to promote good dental health.

Before whitening


results from teeth whitening dentist near me


How to maintain Teeth Whitening results

Please note that teeth whitening is not permanent. With no intervention, the colour of your newly whitened teeth will slowly fade back to their previous colour.

The time between topping up your teeth whitening depends mainly on lifestyle choices, such as your diet, as this impacts how quickly your teeth stains return.

Teeth staining can occur from lots of different food and drinks like coffee, tea, red wine, tomato sauce and dark-coloured fruits like blueberries and blackberries. To help keep your teeth whiter for longer, try to limit your consumption of these foods and drinks or rinse your mouth with water after eating or drinking them.

There is good news however!

While many foods and drink can stain teeth, there are also some that can help whiten them. Foods like apples, pears, celery and carrots can help whiten teeth when eaten raw due to their crunchy texture.

Other food items such as cheese, yogurt and milk contain lactic acid that helps to remove stains from the tooth enamel.

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5 star dentist in Twickenham

“I can’t believe the difference between the before and after photos. I had teeth whitening performed by Dr.Erum Khan who was absolutely fantastic. Her attention to detail is second to none and knowledge of teeth whitening is first class.

My teeth look completely different now and I’m thrilled with the results. I have been going to the Montrose Smile dental practice for nearly 10 years now and highly recommend it to anybody looking for a top class dental practice.”

Richard Wright 

“…She had a great manner and was really friendly. I was self conscious about the shade of my teeth so I went for teeth whitening and haven’t stopped smiling since!

 Thank you Dr Khan and your team for giving me this new confidence, not only with the smile but also with visiting the dentist. Highly recommended!”

Sana C 

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