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Walk-in dental hygiene appointments are available at our welcoming Twickenham hygiene clinic

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If you’re looking for an affordable, highly skilled and experienced dental hygienist in Twickenham, then our welcoming and 5* rated hygiene clinic can help.

You can be certain that your smile and oral health is in safe hands.

Our highly experienced team of dentists, hygienists and nurses are all registered at the General Dental Council (GDC) and our dental practice is regulated and monitored by the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

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Your Oral Hygiene Appointment

Expert Scale and Polish near you

A scale and polish is one of the most commonly used phrases to describe what the hygienist does, however it only describes one small part of the dental hygienist’s job.

Scaling refers to removing dental plaque which may have built up on your teeth.
Polish refers to polishing the teeth after the plaque has been removed in order to inhibit further buildup.

Your hygienist will also look at your teeth cleaning routine and advise on any dental hygiene and therapy which may be required in order to bring your teeth back to good dental health. Your daily oral hygiene routine will be assessed and monitored by the dental hygienist who will track your progress by scoring your dental health at each visit.

You can then track your score every six months to ensure you are maintaining or improving your dental health and oral hygiene.

The dental hygienist can also give advice on the best techniques and tools to use to clean your teeth, such as which toothbrush is best, which floss to use and which mouthwash will help the most.

Preventing dental cavities

Montrose Smile Studio has a strong focus on Preventive and Hygiene Dentistry. We want people to feel confident that their teeth and gums are healthy, will last for life and that their breath is fresh, with a healthy mouth you are far less likely to develop dental cavities.

Preventive dentistry means helping you to have healthy, functional teeth for life. This means helping you to keep your teeth and gums healthy, and to ensure you don’t suffer from other problems such as an incorrect bite.

Regular Dental Check Ups

Each of these dental problems can lead to bad breath, broken down teeth or even losing your teeth. Having healthy teeth, and more importantly keeping healthy teeth will help you avoid the need for crowns, dentures or implants at a later stage in life.

This ultimately means you also save money… now that has to be good doesn’t it?

Our regular dental examinations also include a potentially life-saving mouth cancer screening. This is why it is so important not to neglect your teeth, even if your budget is suffering as a result of the credit crunch.

Why See a Dental Hygienist

Do I need to see a dentist as well as a hygienist?

The role of a dentist and hygienist is very different. The dental hygienist acts as a dental health educator and proactively helps you look after your own dental health.

The dentist takes this a step further and can work with you to treat any dental health problems which may arise and spot any dental health problems before they occur. With dental hygiene direct access it is not necessary to see a dentist and hygienist at the same dental practice.

Direct access allows you to book in with a dental hygienist without having to see the dentist first. 

Hygiene appointments are vital too – they help you to avoid or combat gum disease, which can cause bad breath and eventually tooth loss. We recommend that you see the Hygienist at least every 6 months, this will really go a long way to helping you keep your teeth for life and possibly avoid extensive treatments later on in life.

A hygienist will help you to beat Dental Plaque, this is a sticky film that forms on the teeth and gums. The bacteria in plaque release acid that attacks your tooth enamel. This attacking of the enamel can lead to tooth decay.

Thorough daily brushing and flossing plus regular visits to the hygienist can prevent plaque from forming on the teeth.

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