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Tooth bonding can easily fix chipped or cracked teeth and is an affordable cosmetic dental treatment

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If you’re looking for expert composite bonding near you in Twickenham that offers quick, stunning and long lasting results, our expert cosmetic dentists can help.

Cosmetic (composite) tooth bonding is a great way of disguising those little niggling imperfections such as chips, cracks and gaps between your teeth. The treatment is simple, pain-free and extremely affordable, and can effectively improve the appearance of your smile.

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With 30+ years experience, Dr Madin Khan BDS (London) MFGDP (UK) (GDC No: 66736) is our tooth bonding expert and can offer a variety of dental cosmetic solutions to help restore the shape of your chipped, cracked or worn down teeth. 

For more information simply call us on 020 8894 4639, or fill in our online enquiry form below for a complimentary non-clinical consultation.

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What is Composite Bonding?

The tooth bonding procedure involves the skilful application of a composite type material that is the same colour as your teeth. It is a strong ‘plasticy’ type material that goes hard when a high powered UV light shines on it.

At Montrose Smile Studio, we can use it to fill in small gaps, chips, mildly decayed or small tooth fractures. This helps to restore the strength and appearance of your teeth, without needing any complex treatments.

Composite bonding can be treated in one visit at the dental surgery. There is no need to send treatment plans or impressions to a laboratory as is the case with dental veneers.

Best of all, cosmetic tooth bonding is easy on you as a patient as it is fast, virtually painless, and achieves quick results.

Composite Bonding Case Studies

If you have a chip or a crack in a tooth and feel that bonding may be the right cosmetic dental treatment for you, please give us a call on 020 8894 4639, email us or use the form below for a free dental assessment.

Before Cosmetic Bonding in Twickenham


After Cosmetic Bonding in Twickenham


Before cosmetic bonding Twickenham


After cosmetic bonding Twickenham


Before cosmetic bonding Montrose Smile Studio



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