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At Montrose Smile Studio we are passionate about helping our patients achieve and maintain healthy, happy smiles. We want you to feel good about your mouth and teeth. The way your smile looks is important, but so is having fresh breath, a healthy mouth, and teeth that function well together.

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All our dentists are registered with the General Dental Council (GDC) and our clinic is monitored and regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), so you can be confident you are in safe hands here at Montrose Smile Studio.

Dr Madin Khan is committed to making sure people have healthy teeth for life and is passionate about helping people look and feel good about themselves. To read more about Dr Madin Khan’s qualifications, experience, and skills, please click the link below:

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Patient satisfaction is very important to us as we aspire to be known as the best general and cosmetic dentist in and around Twickenham.
Our 5* rating on Google and genuine positive customer testimonials are testament to the hard work and dedication of our team.

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We are a local Twickenham dentist offering a wide range of treatments and services from cosmetic dentistry to teeth straightening. However, many people are simply looking for a general dentist to look after their oral health and for this reason we’re proud to consider ourselves your family friendly dentist offering you:

Why do I Need to see a dentist?

We could just say ”you must visit our dentist in Twickenham”, however that’s not particularly helpful. American ‘Charles Mayo’ has concluded from his research that for good health, a healthy mouth is essential, saying: “With complete dentistry and proper oral hygiene, human life can be extended by 10 years.” Now that is something worth taking note of!

English Physician ‘Sir William Osler’ came to similar conclusion.

More and more research continues to demonstrate the links between periodontal disease and ill health. Without a healthy mouth a healthy body is not possible.

Wellness is a new focus. If people do not have an interest in getting well and staying well, then as a profession we are not going to win. Therefore, we ask you to get fully involved with your own health. We would like to invite you in an on-going discussion about what you would like to achieve, discussing the benefits of getting and staying well, and how to achieve this in a way that is right for you.

In other words, enlisting the co-operation and continued compliance of every guest is an absolute must and will affect the outcome of any treatment plan. We will give you on-going support and take interest in your health. Your care is equally your responsibility as well as ours.

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