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Dr Madin Khan

General & Cosmetic Dentist

Dr Madin Khan
Montrose Smile Studio

I have worked in both NHS and private dental practices between Essex and Wessex, learnt what works and what could be improved. Although I am a qualified dentist for almost 30 years, over the last 20 years, I have worked in a part of a team where we have collectively enriched the lives of 1000s of people and helped keep their teeth for life and make their smiles look better than before.

Such people suffered from active dental problems. They may have endured discomfort or embarrassment which can take away their self-confidence which means that they are not living life to the full.

What I do for a living is to help such people. Many people, given the chance, want to look and feel younger and often want to avoid an unhealthy appearance. I believe that each individual has the power in them to take control of what happens to their mouth. If our recommendations are followed, we can collectively eradicate many existing problems or future problems.

We combine all the skills and science of modern dentistry with artistry to create healthy teeth with a signature smile that says much more about them than they realised.

GDC Number


Guys Dental School London in 1991.
University of London.

Dental Training

I trained as a dentist from world famous Guys Dental School between 1986 and 1991. I am grateful to the Institute for providing me with solid foundation in all aspects of dentistry. This has helped to keep my professional skills up to date and provided me with motivation to keep expanding my overall knowledge in my field of work. My skills has benefited my patients and helped their quality of life.

Recently, I have been learning how to use the latest computer guided technology to place implants more predictably where it makes sense.

Business training has also been an essential pillar of our practice. Over the years, our team has been also educated by Chris Barrow (business coach), Jameson Management (USA) and Blatchford Solutions (USA). This has helped our business run efficiently and provide an exceptional customer service experience.

Dental Skills, Expertise & Special Interests

How Dr Madin Khan can help his patients

Skills & Expertise

I am a general dental practitioner with experience in all aspects of dentistry (inc. Dental Implants, Cosmetic Makeovers, Sedation and Reconstructive Dentistry). My mission is to provide Comprehensive Dental Care through functional dentistry and bring dentally compromised people back to a lifetime of health, comfort, function and beauty with the least possible intervention.

I have continuously been involved in postgraduate education and have been trained by some of the leading authorities namely, Professor Hit Tatum (world renowned Implantologist), Dr Stuart Orton-Jones (Implantologist and General Dentist), Dr Larry Rosenthal (celebrity Cosmetic Dentist), Straumann Implants (UK) and Pankey Institute (USA) to name just a few Dental Education Centeres of Excellence. I also help Dr Stuart Orton-Jones train the next generation of implant dentists.


Our patients are the centre of our world. The best award for us are the feedback we get from our patients once they have achieved their goals. This helps us to do better than before.

We have been awarded members of BDA Good Practice Scheme.

BDA Good Practice 13years


We are a small group of team where we work together in our chosen line of expertise to provide a Full Service Care in our patient’s best interest. We are fortunate to have a stable and loyal team members who have worked together in the practice for over 15 years. Every single team member is a valuable asset to our practice.

Personal Interests

In my spare time I spend quality time with my wife and two sons. I enjoy cycling, swimming, tennis, going out for walks, watching movies and dining out. Lately, thanks to our boys, we have been exploring the west coast of USA whenever opportunity arises.

5 star dentist in Twickenham

The understanding, continuity, professionalism and honesty I experienced over the last eight months has renewed my trust in dental practice. I found Dr Khan to be honest; hardworking and highly skilled dentist and I would definitely recommend Dr Khan and his team to anyone who asks for any dental help or advice.

Penny Hey