Twickenham dentist thinking hats

Montrose Smile Studio are proud to say they recently attended an extra ordinary training event, Twickenham dentist Dr Madin Khan reports:

“The main speakers were Chris Barrow and Sheila Scott. This workshop tour aimed at addressing the entire dental team rather than only dentists. It emphasised on what the best patient journey should be from the time a new patient contacts the practice until the end of treatment. “

The practice understand the importance of ensuring that the patient journey, from initial contact, to the first dental health check appointment and onto any necessary treatment is so important to get right. Dr Kahn goes on to say

“We learnt a unique way of Thinking, using 6 coloured Hats ? – Edward de Bono way of thinking. We learnt how to think in any problem situation.”

The six hats philosophy works on the principle that:

  1. The white hat is for ” the fact, and just the facts”
  2. The yellow hat symbolises brightness and optimism. Whilst wearing this hat the user explores positives and probes for values and benefits
  3. The black hat is the judge mental hat. Wearing this hat the user explores what will not work and investigate where things might go wrong
  4. The Red Hat symbolises feelings, intuition and judgements. When using this hat the user let others know what their emotions are doing and how they feel about the situation
  5. The Green Hat focuses on creativity. Wearing this hat is an opportunity to discover new concepts, new perceptions and new ways of thinking
  6. The blue hat is the heart of logic where the thinking process is controlled. It is the mechanism by which the guidelines for the thinking process are observed

Dr Kahn continues his explanation of what this all means to their dental practice in Twickenham,

“Any problem in the practice can be resolved without getting aggravated. The whole team will be able to tackle the situation well and this would eventually help in avoiding any conflict, hence, reducing the stress and creating raving fans”

So, the next time you visit Montrose Smile studio in Twickenham, ask them which hat they are wearing right now…

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