I visited The Montrose Smile Studio because I was in a lot of pain with a number of my teeth. I felt as though every single tooth had some sort of sensitive/painful issue and as my NHS dentures were uncomfortable, I was concerned they were partly responsible for the increased sensitivity to my teeth. I had had a number of teeth removed over recent years at my NHS dental practice and I had begun to loose faith in the practice as my dentist changed yearly: there was no continuity and therefore no overall understanding of my needs.

I asked Dr Khan for advice on treating the sensitivity and having implants as I also wondered if my remaining teeth were working too hard and adding to the sensitivity. Dr Khan spent a lot of time explaining to my husband and what options were available, the life expectancy of the different options and the estimated cost.

Given that I was thinking of having so much work done. I also asked Dr Khan for options and costings for improving the appearance of my teeth.

In all, the treatment from my first appointment to my last too eight months and I have to honestly say I am overjoyed with the end result. The sensitivity has all gone and the appearance of my teeth has improved immensely (all friends and family have noticed and complimented me on my new look) I had my own treatment plan so that I knew what to expect at each stage of the treatment and Dr Khan explained to me what to expect at each appointment. I found Dr Khan extremely patient and empathetic, and he listened to all my concerns and responded to them accordingly.

I did have concerns going to Montrose Smile Studio, as I wasn’t sure what more could be offered than my current NHS dental practice, and I am so pleased I took the plunge and decided to go with Montrose Smile Studio. The understanding, continuity, professionalism and honesty I experienced over the last eight months has renewed my trust in dental practice. I found Dr Khan to be honest; hardworking and highly skilled dentist and I would definitely recommend Dr Khan and his team to anyone who asks for any dental help or advice.

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