I have always been happy with the service from the Montrose Smile Studio, general care and great attention to reducing stress and understanding, of fear of potential pain!

I recently took things a step further and invested in the teeth-whitening programme. I anticipated that this would improve my appearance and confidence. What I didn’t anticipate was the impact of my general mouth hygiene. I a so pleased with the final result that I take extra care with the cleaning and flossing. This has improved my general health of my teeth and reduced the work Mr Khan has had to do keep my teeth ‘fit’. I am very committed to my oral care and am pleased that cosmetic work has had such a positive health impact.

In addition Mrs Khan has taken lots of time explaining the procedures to me and so I felt confident at every stage.

I would definitely recommend the Montrose Smile Studio to other people (and have). For me, the modern, up to date knowledge and services and personal care make all the difference.

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