I was always unhappy about the appearance of my teeth, the colour (very yellow), shape, size and the amount of gum I showed when smiling.

It was only when my grandchildren became older and begun to comment on my teeth that I decided to so something about it. It was with some trepidation that I made an appointment with Dr and Mrs Khan at the Montrose Smile Studio. I need not have worried, everyone at the practice including the office staff did everything they could to put me at ease.

Dr Khan explained in detail what they could do to improve the look of my teeth. After a couple of consultations I decided to go ahead with his advice which included removing and replacing old crowns and laser trimming of my gun line which would lesson the amount of gum shown when I smiled. During the procedure Dr Khan made sure I experienced no discomfort and I am delighted with the result. I feel very confident when smiling and talking now and better still I can wear any colour lipstick I want instead of worrying about it clashing with my old yellow Teeth!

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