Teeth Whitening can last a long time, but inevitably over the years your teeth can start to revert to their original colour. This is due to the fact that the surface of your teeth will start to absorb surface stains which will lead to yellower looking teeth again.

When you opt for our combination in-surgery Power Teeth Whitening in Combination with our Home Teeth Whitening at £650 we will ensure you have White Teeth for life by providing you with a yearly supply of whitening gels for FREE, saving you £399 each time you whiten!

This offer means that once your teeth are whitened, they will stay whitened for life… a great deal.

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It's so nice to have such caring and helpful people.
C. Proctor
I am delighted with the result. I now feel very confident when smiling and talking.
I now have teeth which look better than I could ever have imagined and I am very happy and confident with the result.
E. Bryant
I will continue to recommend you to anyone I meet.
D Partridge
I would definitely recommend Montrose Smile Studio to other people.
J. Matthews
I cannot emphasize enough how thrilled I am with the work you have carried out on my teeth.
B. Hayes

A smile is a curve that can set a lot of things Straight

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