What Is Tooth Bonding?

Tooth Bonding can easily Fix Chipped or Cracked Teeth, here’s how…
Bonding is a great way of disguising those little niggling imperfections such as chips, cracks and gaps between your teeth, we’ve been doing this for many years at our Twickenham practice, and have patients travel to see us from Richmond, Whitton and Kingston Upon Thames. The bonding treatment is simple, pain-free and very affordable, yet can have a big effect on the appearance of your smile.

Bonding means that we apply a coloured composite material that is the same colour as your teeth, it is a ‘plasticy’ type material that goes hard when we shine a high powered UV light on it. We can use it to fill in small gaps, chips, decay or fractures. This helps to restore the strength and appearance of your teeth, without needing anything more complex.

The procedure can be completed right in the dental chair, rather than having to send plans to a laboratory as is the case with veneers. Best of all, bonding is easy on you as a patient:, it’s fast, quite painless, and gets quick results.

Before Tooth bondingAfter Tooth bonding

So if you have chipped or cracked teeth and feel that bonding may be right for you, please give us a call on 020 8894 4639, email us or use the book appointment link opposite.

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Instant Smile Veneers

As well as being able to disguise small chips and cracks, dental bonding can also be used to create instant smile veneers, sometimes known as an instasmile. When a dentist creates an instant smile with dental bonding, rather than cover a small portion of your tooth wear the imperfection is, they cover the whole tooth with the dental composite material.

This allows your dentist to change the shape and colour of your teeth, all in a short period of time whilst you are at the dentist.

Advantages of instant veneers

  • Instant veneers are extremely quick, typically taking from 45 min for a single tooth after a couple of hours four a larger reconstruction
  • Often no need to have an injection. Because the instant veneers are bonded to the surface of your tooth, often without drilling there may not be in need to have an injection. Injections are sometimes required so this cannot be totally relied upon, it depends on your clinical situation.
  • No need to have the horrible impression material. Because the dentist bonds the veneers directly to the surface of your tooth the technique does not involve a dental technician, this means impressions are not required meaning the whole treatment is more comfortable.
  • There are often cheaper, the process is done in a single visit rather than multiple appointments, this reduced surgery time generally keeps costs lower.

Is dental bonding the same as instant smile clip on veneers?

No, dental bonding should be considered a permanent way to restore your teeth as the tooth coloured composite material will adhere strongly to your tooth. Click on veneers simply clip on to your teeth when you want to wear them. You usually cannot eat and drink with clip on veneers.

How much do instant veneers cost

Instant veneer prices will change depending upon what you require, small holes left by decay can be filled from £83, full coverage instant veneers will cost more than this. Only a full consultation with our dentist will give you an exact price for instant veneers.

Can you eat with instant veneers?

Yes, instant veneers will withstand normal eating. Modern composite materials are extremely resilient to stains, however you may find that if you drink lots of red wine or strong coloured food then the instant veneers might pick up a small amount of stain. This can be easily removed by your dentist at your regular dental health check appointment.

How long do instant veneers last?

instant veneers will typically last between 4 and 8 years. They will need continuous maintenance throughout that time, one of the big advantages of instant veneers is that they are extremely easy to repair (unlike the more durable and permanent porcelain veneers).