Tooth Whitening in Twickenham



How much more confident would you feel with whiter teeth? Don't sit there reading this web page and put up with dark, yellow or discoloured teeth, for the price of a cup of coffee a day you could be smiling with absolute confidence again, so prepare to be Zoomed!

After having teeth whitening our patients typically describe themselves as:


  1. Feeling more confident
  2. Feeling Happier
  3. Having more self esteem
  4. Feeling contented
  5. Feeling ENERGISED
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Tooth Whitening is one of our most popular treatments in our Twickenham practice, and with good reason. Tooth Whitening helps to remove dark stains caused by smoking or by drinking red wine, tea and coffee. It also helps to whiten teeth that have naturally darkened over the years, which has an additional benefit of making you look younger. Your teeth will be lightened up to eight shades in just one visit.

Tooth whitening is great to overcome:

  • Naturally dark teeth
  • Discoloured teeth
  • Yellow teeth
  • Grey Teeth
All this can be achieved in one hour tooth with Zoom whitening.




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And when used in conjunction with adult adult orthodontics or dental veneers, whitening can help to really make a huge difference to your smile.

Before Teeth Whitening

tooth whitening twickenham before

After Teeth Whitening

tooth whitening twickenham after

"A very simply process which isn't too arduous, Dr Khan explains everything very clearly and puts you at ease, well worth it." Mr A from Twickenham

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3 options for Tooth Whitening at Montrose Smile Studio, Twickenham

Option 1: Teeth Whitening in one hour with Zoom Professional Whitening

The Zoom Tooth Whitening treatment that we use in our Twickenham practice is completely safe. It uses a gentle bleaching process to lighten discolourations in your tooth enamel, the effect of this gentle bleach is then accelerated by a powerful light. The light in Zoom Whitening ensures the whitening reaction with your teeth happens faster than conventional tooth whitening procedures, this means you get lighter and whiter teeth much faster, typically in one hour.

Zoom Whitening is the product used on Extreme Makeover in the United States and has been used on millions of happy patients world wide.

Option 2: Professional Home Teeth Whitening

This option involves us making some soft 'trays' which fit snuggly over your teeth. Each day you fill these trays with the whitening gell and wear your tooth whitening trays for about 2 hours each day. The whitening gell reacts with your tooth to gently whiten it over a few days. You can easily control how white your teeth go by not wearing your trays for a few days.

We always recommend coming back to the practice after a few days of wearing your home tooth whitening trays to ensure your whitening is progressing well and that there is no sensitivity. When you come back for this appoinment we will also check how white your teeth have gone compared to when you started... most of our patients are amazed at the whiteness of their new smile.

Option 3: Twickenham Teeth Whitening for Life program

We offer an exciting and exclusive service that is unique to us - a WHITENING FOR LIFE programme. For further details please contact us.

Contact our practice today to book in for your intial assessment. We'll let you know your current tooth colour and how light you may be able to go. Call us today on 020 8894 4639