Affordable Tooth Coloured White Fillings

Amalgam removal in Twickenham

Over the past decades, the technology used for fillings has grown by leaps and bounds. Dentists and patients are not stuck with the old grey metal amalgam fillings used in the past. We can now make fillings appear invisible which blend into your teeth and these are often called white fillings. This makes your smile looks more natural and is a much healthier alternative than using amalgam fillings.

Amalgam fillings also have a tendency to expand and contract whilst eating and drinking hot and cold foods, this expansion and contraction puts pressure on the natural tooth which can lead to minute cracks forming. These cracks can introduce weaknesses in to the natural tooth which may lead to cusps fracturing off of your tooth. Tooth coloured white fillings don't suffer from this same amount of expansion and contraction and so this problem does not occur.

The Best Tooth Coloured White Filling

Te best type of tooth coloured white filling for you can only be decided once we have seen you, we generally use 2 types. One is made by a a dental laboratory (we tend to use these if a large amount of natural tooth has been lost) or we make them directly in to your tooth using a putty type material which sets hard once a special light is shone on it.

We'll discuss the options when you come to see and decide which one is best for you.

Many people no longer want their smile marred by traditional grey amalgam fillings, and are instead demanding tooth-coloured alternatives that naturally blend in with the teeth.  Our tooth-coloured fillings are long-lasting, and modern techniques mean that more of your natural tooth is conserved.


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Using white fillings in conjunction with other treatments

Often tooth coloured white fillings are used in conjunction with other minimally invasive techniques such as dental veneers and tooth whitening. These techniques tend to be used more for front teeth, with tooth coloured white fillings being used on back teeth to replace the old grey amalgam fillings.