Affordable Dental  implants in Twickenham


Are you embarrassed to smile, or when you do, do you ensure you cover your mouth with your hand?

Does going out for a meal worry you in case your dentures wobble around and you can't eat?

Would you like to feel more confident, more comfortable, socially accepted and ENERGISED?


At Montrose Smile Studio we have many years experience using dental implants, and see patients from a wide area around Twickenham. Patients are happy to travel to us from Whitton, Richmond, Isleworth plus from further afield around South West London.

The Dental Implants we use at our Twickenham practice are a strong, permanent and realistic way of replacing one or more missing teeth, and many people are now choosing to have these instead of dentures or bridges. Dental implants will help you to smile, laugh and chew again with confidence... so what are you waiting for?

If you are concerned about the cost, then just pop in for a chat and we'll see how we can help - simply call us on 020 8894 4639 , or request and appointment online and select the 'FREE non-clinical new patient assessment' option. 

Staggered by the success of implants

Have a listen to what this patient says about his experience, he describes himself as 'Staggered by the success of dental implants" and advises that you should think about dental implants if you have a tooth missing "for your own self esteem" click the play button below to watch now...


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Before coming to Montrose Smile Studio

before dental implants

before dental implants in twickenham

After The Montrose Smile Studio Dental Implant Experience

tooth implants in Twickenham

after dental implants in twickenham

More information on dental implants.

A dental implant is a tiny titanium rod which is gently inserted into your jaw bone.  The bone gradually bonds with the implant, to make a strong base on which we can then place a natural-looking porcelain crown.

These implants can be used to:


  • Replace Single Missing Teeth for a confident smile
  • Replace Multiple Missing Teeth to help with eating and chewing again
  • Stabilise Dentures so you can eat, smile and chew with confidence


If you have missing or severely damaged teeth that are beyond repair, Dental Implants can be a safe, attractive and comfortable alternative to dentures or bridges.


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Dental implants not only improve your smile. They can improve your overall quality of life.

  • Allow you to bite and chew naturally.
  • Allow you to enjoy your favourite food again.
  • Shifting and slipping of dentures are eliminated.
  • Help you to feel more attractive again.
  • Provide a permanent solution for missing teeth.
  • There is no effect on your speech.
  • Simply help you to enjoy life to the fullest by improving your comfort and confidence.

Before dental implants

dental implants twickenham

After Dental Implants

dental implants twickenham after

I would like to say a big thank you to you and all the practice staff for your courteous and sympathetic approach.

G. Evans


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The success rate for Dental Implants is in the region of 99.7%.

We have seen many patients from the local Twickenham area, but also from Richmond and Kingston Upon Thames. Your dental implants will help replace your damaged or missing teeth with a natural looking, super-strong and life-like porcelain crown. The new crown naturally becomes part of your smile, just like your previous tooth.

Our partners in this field are Straumann - a well renowned global brand with over 40 years of experience in Dental Implants.


How to get started with Dental Implants in Twickenham

If you have missing teeth or lose dentures then implants could be great for you, so simply give us a call now on 020 8894 4639 or complete the 'book appointment' form - we can then have a friendly, no high pressure sales chat with you about how dental implants could change your life forever, so call us now while it's still fresh in your mind.