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Bridges are a permanent and realistic way of filling a gap between teeth that has been caused by one or more missing teeth.

They are in effect a false tooth or teeth, held in place by the teeth next to it.  Often the neighbouring teeth need to be crowned to make them strong enough to support the bridge. This patient had a gap, and we decided that the best form of treatment would be a bridge, other treatments such as a denture or implant were discussed, but for various reasons a bridge was chosen.

We prepared, or reduced the adjacent teeth to the gap and a bridge was made that filled the space and also covered the teeth either side of the gap, this meant the patient had 3 new teeth.


dental bridges twickenham beforedental bridges twickenham after


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Bridges are the most cost effective way of permanently replacing missing teeth. In some cases we use a combination of bridges, crowns and veneers. This is exactly what we decided to do for this patient of ours... what an excellent result, and a significant change, don't you agree.

dental bridges after

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