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Emergency Dentist in Twickenham

We aim to ensure that all patients with genuine dental emergencies are seen within 24 hours of contacting us.

What do we mean by a dental emergency?

A dental emergency is apparent if:


  1. You are in extreme dental pain
  2. You have had an accident and a tooth has been knocked out
  3. You have had an accident and broken a natural tooth in half
  4. You have severe facial swelling around your jaw line 


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If you need an emergency dentist in Twickenham, what should you do next?

It is best to call us as early as possible after your emergency has arisen so that we can try to see you on the same day. We often have appointments put aside each day for cases of extreme dental emergencies and so can usually see patients quite quickly.

If you have an out-of-hours dental emergency, please call our Twickenham dental practice on 020 8894 4639 and listen to the answer machine message for further instructions.