Are you fearful, anxious, nervous or afraid of the dentist?

Many people are nervous, anxious or afraid of visiting the dentist. This is a natural response and you should not be concerned that we will tell you off for not coming to the dentist. At Montrose Smile Studio our philosophy is that anxiety, fear and discomfort should not be part of your dental experience, and we can offer oral or Intravenous Sedation.

What we know will help you in a calm and relaxed way to dental treatments that is taken at your own pace. Nothing rushed by us. You decide what happens and when, you are in complete control. It is this subtle difference to dentistry that makes our practice the one to choose to overcome your dental fears and phobias.

Not going to the dentist can ultimately end up a costly exercise – it is prudent to visit us regularly to avoid problems such as bad breath, or your teeth becoming dark and discoloured. Not going to the dentist for years can result in you needing a lot of costly work, like crowns or implants. Worse still, if your teeth cannot be repaired, they may need to be removed, making dentures a more practical alternative to missing teeth.

So if we can help you to find a way to overcome your fears, then it really does help you to save money and keep your teeth longer.

Overcoming dental fear

You have done exceptionally well to read this so far, so well done! This shows that you really do want to overcome your fears, so what can you do now?

We are a friendly, family practice and would love to spend just a little amount of time listening to you… no drills, no injections, just a coffee and a chat to see how we can help you. So call us now on 020 8894 4639 to book for a chat.

Call us now while its fresh in your mind, because you deserve to have great dental health.

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A smile is a curve that can set a lot of things Straight

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