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Montrose Smile Studio are delighted to offer our Membership Plans, which enables us to provide you with the treatment and support necessary to control dental disease and restore confidence

Our modern health promoting approach with continuing care means:-

  • Fewer fillings
  • Less dental decay
  • Less likelihood of toothache
  • More attractive teeth
  • More choice
  • Reduced costs
  • Helping to keep your own teeth for life.

We see our relationship with you as a long-term partnership. With our help, we’d like you to feel good about your dental health and your smile. We have created a service which makes taking care of things a lot easier and are now pleased to offer you Exclusive Dental Maintenance Membership Plans, which provide the following benefits:

Dental Maintenance Membership Plan – TORCH- £17.82 per month*

Our monthly maintenance plan offers you insurance in the event of an accident or emergency and reductions on treatment. As a member, you will receive the following standard benefits:


Become a member of our exclusive club and receive the following benefits

    • Regular 6 monthly dental appointments to provide:

Clinical examinations of teeth and gums

Soft tissue screening

X-rays and clinical photographs where necessary

    • Preventative hygiene appointments to provide:

Free New Patient Assessment

Join us for a non-clinical new patient assessment to discover your choices and options for treatment, all with no obligation

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It's so nice to have such caring and helpful people.
C. Proctor
I am delighted with the result. I now feel very confident when smiling and talking.
I now have teeth which look better than I could ever have imagined and I am very happy and confident with the result.
E. Bryant
I will continue to recommend you to anyone I meet.
D Partridge
I would definitely recommend Montrose Smile Studio to other people.
J. Matthews
I cannot emphasize enough how thrilled I am with the work you have carried out on my teeth.
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