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Loose Teeth Treatments

There are various treatments for loose teeth, ranging from restoring dental health and wellness with an intense course of dental hygiene, through to extracting loose teeth and replacing with dental implants or dental bridges.

Will lose teeth tighten up?

It really depends on the cause of why the tooth has become loose. If the tooth has become loose due to trauma then yes, it will most likely tighten up as the adjoining tissues around the tooth heal. If the tooth has become loose due to dental disease then it is far less likely to tighten up by itself without treating the root cause of the problem. If your teeth have become loose over a period of time then visiting the dentist will let you know the best treatment available for you, this could include remedial dental health treatments with a dental hygienist or possibly restorative treatments if the loose teeth have become untreatable.

Can loose teeth be saved?

So long as the teeth have not become too diseased then yes, a loose tooth can be saved. However if the tooth is loose due to poor oral hygiene then only a visit to your dental hygienist will be able to save it.

case 1 – Replacing two loose top front teeth

This patient had a gap between their front teeth and also both of these teeth were loose. It was not possible to save these teeth unfortunately so they had to be extracted. Dental implants were then placed and his beautiful smile restored. You can see more Dental implant before and after photographs in our gallery.

case 2 – Loose lower teeth

This patient came to us with out any top teeth at all and with 4 loose lower teeth. We were not unfortunately able to save these loose lower teeth, We therefore placed 4 dental implants and made this patient new dentures which were attached to the dental implants. When dentures are used in this way there is usually an audible click as the denture fixes into place meaning they are very stable allowing the patient to eat all of their favourite foods.