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A diastema is a gap between the front teeth, this can either be congenital or can happen over the years as your teeth move and the gaps open up. Closure of gaps between teeth can either be done with orthodontics or restorative treatments such as veneers or crowns. Closing small gaps between teeth can also be done using dental bonding.

Closing gaps between the front teeth – Case 1

This patient’s gappy smile was restored with a dental bridge which closed the gap between the two front teeth.

A midline diastema – Case 2

Using minimally invasive dental veneers it’s possible to close gaps between the front teeth (known as a midline diastema), the treatment takes approximately 2 weeks and leaves as much of the natural underlying tooth intact as possible.

Closing gaps from missing teeth – Case 3

Another reason patients have gaps is because they have the missing tooth, one way to treat this is to replace the missing tooth with a new one, however this is not always necessary. This patient had new dental crowns and it was possible to close the gap between these two teeth without inserting a new one, if you haven’t seen the before photograph we bet you would never know!

Case 4

Case 5