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Ageing smile help

A smile can begin to look old and ageing for a variety of reasons, the signs of this ageing can vary from:

  1. Looking long in the tooth
  2. The teeth looking yellow
  3. The teeth looking shorter and worn down
  4. Broken or chipped teeth due to consistent where

Each before and after photographs on this page shows a different type of anti ageing treatment.

Case 1

This patient disliked the large black triangle that had appeared in between her front teeth, this is caused by the bone resorbing over time and taking the gum with it, this results in the teeth looking slightly longer than they would usually and black triangles appearing.

Notice how the teeth look yellow down towards the gum margin, this is because the dentine and enamel tend to pick on a yellowish hue as the enamel gets thinner and exposes more of the dentine, because the gums have resolved this effect has been increased.

The after photographs show what this patient look like after extensive reconstruction using dental crowns and dental veneers to make the teeth look whiter and brighter.

In this case the patient opted to only have the top teeth restored.

Case 2

Case 3

Thank you both very much for the lovely flowers, they are beautiful. Also thank you for the work you have done on my teeth.

– E Fraser

Case 4

I am absolutely delighted with the work that has been done as the photographs will testify. I had no idea that my teeth would show such a great impression

– Mr R Holden