Dental Crowns to Improve Tooth Appearance and Strength

Over time teeth can decay, chip, break or just degrade in appearance.  A dental crown (also known as a cap) is a precision product which is fitted over one or more broken down teeth that cannot be repaired with a filling. It will reinforce, strengthen and ultimately improve the overall health and appearance of your tooth, helping you improve the overall life of your teeth.

When making a crown, we will clean and shape the teeth in such a way that they are ready to bond to the crown, for the long term. Then, we place the crown on top of the prepared tooth, making it an attractive and natural part of the rest of your smile.

ageingsmile2beforecrownsageingsmile2aftercrownsHere’s an example of the difference that good quality dental crowns can make. This patient had worn down incisal edges (tips of teeth) and dark yellow areas towards the neck of the teeth where the gums have receded. By placing new dental porcelain crowns on some teeth and dental veneers on others this patient was completely transformed. These new crowns and veneers were carefully crafted by our skilled technicians.

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There are many types of natural looking crowns that are available that are kind to your teeth and only a full assessment can help determine which type is best for you. We will work with you to help you decide which ones will be best in your situation.

Here is another example; this person had the same issue as our first case above. The tooth was heavily filled with an old dark grey amalgam filling. The filling was removed on both the far back teeth. The large filling on the first back tooth was replaced with a crown and the very last back tooth was replaced with a white filling. The overall was amazing, this person now has a much more attractive smile and the teeth are healthier as the amalgam has been removed completely.

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