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Ageing bad bite (malocclusion)

A malocclusion can occur as we age due to the changing position of your teeth and the changing jaw shape. As we get older the jaw bone tends to resorb with, this resorption can result in teeth becoming more crowded. Another result of the bone resorbing is that the dental arch becomes smaller, this can mean that once fully functioning and balanced occlusion with all of the back teeth meeting together perfectly can start to become more problematic.

Treatment for an aged bad bite (malocclusion) often includes either overlays covering the biting surface (occlusion) of the back teeth or restoration with full dental crowns and/or bridges.

Case 1

The malocclusion was corrected in this case by using a dental bridge to replace a missing tooth on the lower right-hand side.

Case 2

This case it considerably more complex in that there are multiple missing teeth, crooked teeth which need to be straightened and a bad bite. As you can see the overall result is quite a transformation which was achieved using dental crowns, bridges and veneers.