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Keeping your body fit helps you feel good, look good and ensures your body remains in perfect condition. And that's exactly what we think you should be doing with your teeth, if you look after your teeth with a daily work out, just like your body, they will look after you for many years to come. Great for tooth fitness, and great for your pocket as you will spend less money at the dentist... a no brainer really!

Looking after your teeth in early life will mean you are less likely to need crowns, dentures or implants in later life... the same as looking after your body, you look after it now and it will look after you in later life.

One problem is that potential problems with your teeth are not always easy to spot your self at home, so regular visits to the dentist should be an essential part of your tooth work out program.

Your daily tooth workout

Here are a few tips for your daily tooth workout for the best dental health, there are tons more in our free guide, this is your complete guide to dental health and fitness , in 2 minutes from now you could be finding out how to keep your teeth as fit as your body, so simply download it here now.

Our top 10 dental health and fitness tipsTooth Gym Twickenham

1. Visit the dentist regularly - yes, we know you're thinking 'they would say that wouldn't they!' but visiting us regularly will really save you money, pain and aggravation in the long term as you will need less work doing

2. Visit the dental hygienist  regularly - the hygienist is your 'personal tooth fitness trainer' and will help you keep your teeth in excellent condition for life

3. Prevention is better than cure, so ask for our diagnostic services –  X-ray imaging and oral cancer screening are great ways to maintain your dental health

4. Just as looking after your body means a eating a healthy balanced diet, so does looking after your teeth, so avoid sugary foods and ensure you clean your teeth after eating them (in our free guide you will find a description and diagram which shows how to avoid tooth decay)

5. Avoid acidic drinks, these can damage tooth enamel. Be aware that low sugar fizzy drinks often contain phosphoric acid, this is just as bad for your teeth as sugar!

6. Eat less sticky foods, this means that any sugar this is in the food doesn't remain stuck to your teeth

7. DO eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, not only are these great for your body, but they encourage the production of saliva which washes off any remaining food particles from your teeth

8. If you want to eat sweet food, do this only with main meals and not in between meals. During main meals, saliva production is at its best which will wash away the sweet food particles from your teeth, this doesn't happen during snacking! Another reason not to snack, it never stops does it!

9. Brush your teeth twice a day

10. Use an antiseptic mouth wash after meals, this will help to neutralise any remaining bacteria that could cause tooth decay

BONUS Tip 11. Download our free guide, where there is loads more information on the best workout strategy for your teeth


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Request an appointment for a FREE Tooth Gym Orientation Session, we offer a free first visit with no obligations, so there really is no risk and no reason to have unhealthy teeth.

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FREE Tooth Gym Orientation Session


Your FREE Tooth Gym Orientation session will include:


1. A detailed 'listening session' find out what dental health concerns you have

2. A list of the options that are available - similar to finding out what machines you can use in a fitness gym


3. A 'before' and 'after' tour of similar treatments - just as with your body you will have a view of what you want to look like, we will do the same for you but show actual photos of the possible results

4. A brief review of what others have said about their treatment - this is a great way to find out more about the possible results you could achieve with your tooth fitness


5. Are we the right practice for you? - just as different gyms cater for different people, so do we, so we need to make sure we right for each other.


6. A Practice tour - at the gym you'd look at the fitness machines they offer, we'll do the same (if you wish) and show you around the practice

So Request an appointment for your FREE Tooth Gym Orientation Session, with no obligations, so there really is no risk and no reason to have unhealthy teeth.

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Tooth Gym Orientation Session

A Typical Tooth Gym Orientation Session, finding out and listening to exactly what you want


Don't forget to download your free complete guide to dental health and fitness, click here to download now

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